Artem Syzonenko

Product User Experience Designer


I started with small amatours ecommerce projects and got a valuable experience of creating and managing internet shops, then focused mostly on product management and UX roles for SAAS applications. Total experience is 18 years.


  • Senior UX Designer
    Adthena / 2022 – now

    Adthena ↗ is the market-leading analytical and intelligence platform for paid search advertising. AI technology and machine learning models give our customers a clear view of market shifts and all the moves their rivals make across the search landscape.

  • Senior UX Designer
    Agistix / 2021 – now

    Agistix ↗ is a logistics company that is a leading supply chain visibility software provider.

  • UX Designer
    Digitalroute (via EPAM) / 2021 – 2022

    DigitalRoute ↗ helps some of the world’s fastest-growing companies increase revenue and improve customer experiences in consumption-based business models. ETL (extract, transform, load) service for telcos, streaming services, SaaS, and more.

  • UX Designer
    Promomash / 2017 – 2020

    Promomash ↗ is US-based B2B retail event (demo) management software. In collaboration with graphic designer and developers we redesigned the whole website to better represent myriad of product features. For example, event details transformation, from this ↗ to this ↗. In 2020 we started a new project for trade promotions management. Initial version was successfully released the same year.

    My role included customer interviews, ideation, prototyping, user testings and writing task specifications. I created lots of highly interactive prototypes in Axure, for example this one ↗ or this one ↗. They allowed to quickly test new ideas without spending too much time and money on features that users don't need.

  • UX Architect, Project Manager
    Treenga / 2018 – 2020

    By creating and tracking more than 2000 UX tasks descriptions on Github I periodically struggled with its low effectiveness in some cases. I asked myself “how would I make it” and decided to create a new side project called Treenga. I made an Axure prototype and the product requirement document ↗. It is done successfully, I tried all UX improvement ideas I had in mind. I made public website and did all UX and UI-related tasks of internal portal. Check out Treenga  ↗.

  • UX Designer
    SVG Center / 2020

    Inline SVG icons project ↗, which allows to sign up, create collections, upload SVG icons, copy SVG code or download icon. I did all UX and UI work here. And all of this is done by using no-code platform, which can be used when Axure prototype is not enough and there is a need to test hypothesis on a real data with a real behavior.

  • UX Designer / 2014 – 2015

    This service was supposed to provide an automatic “email to spreadsheet” processing. I did Axure prototype ↗ and together with a graphic designer we did a final design ↗. It was not finished due to complex task of simultaneous work of multiple people on a same spreadsheet.

  • UX Architect, Product Manager
    Miracle Canvas / 2008 – 2017

    E-commerce website for multi panel canvas printing. This project is alive ↗ for US and Canada markets. It was an interesting journey of building the most powerful canvas printing editor on market for that time, which was built using Flash. It had powerful 2d transformation engine, 3d previewer, templates, real-time price calculation and interior previewer. Then Flash started dying so I needed to switch to html canvas editor. It is not so powerful, but base features were successfully implemented, check out this sample ↗, for example.

  • UX Architect, Product Manager
    Holst / 2007 – 2017

    Internet shop of art reproductions. US and Canada version is still working ↗. I did all product design work: features ideation, task description, base development management, selection of core technologies and component libraries etc. Besides, I searched for images, parsed them, did data transformation work to sort and rate them using Excel and IMatch (powerful digital asset management tool), and batch processed images using Photoshop.

  • UX Designer, Product Manager
    Modern Art / 2006 – 2007

    Created Modern Art, internet shop of acrylic paintings. Wrote product specification, found designer and PHP developers to make a website. It was a great first experience of how to set tasks for developers to get work done. Screenshot of the main page ↗.

  • Market Research Manager
    Interpipe / 2005 – 2009

    Worked at one of the largest metallurgical company in Ukraine. Did typical marketing analysis tasks like market share dynamics, estimates, reports etc.


  • Base education
    Dnipro State University / 2000 – 2005

    I got my school education at 1991–2000 in mathematical class, finished it with first class honours. From 2000 till 2005 I got an economics master’s degree at Dnipro State University with first class honours as well.

  • Books
    I consider books as a very important part of my education. Here is a list of some good business books I've read sorted by perceived usefulness:

    • "About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design" by Alan Cooper
    • "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries
    • "INSPIRED How to Create Tech Products Customers Love" by Marty Cagan
    • "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information" by Edward Tufte
    • "The Big Book of Dashboards" by Steve Wexler
    • "The Best Interface Is No Interface" by Golden Krishna
    • "International Business Communication Standards 1.1" by IBCS Association
    • "Running Lean" by Ash Maurya
    • "The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design" by • "The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity" by Alan Cooper
    • "Design Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days" by Jake Knapp
    • "The Design Thinking Playbook" by Michael Lewrick
    • "Designing Interfaces Patterns for Effective Interaction Design" by Jenifer Tidwell
    • "Rocket Surgery Made Easy" by Steve Krug
    • "The Design of Everyday Things" by Don Norman
    • "Intercom on Jobs-to-be-Done" by Des Traynor
    • "Designing Web Interfaces" by Scott, Bill
    • "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug
    • "The Well-Grounded Rubyist" by David A. Black
    • "Growth Units: Learn to calculate CAC, LTV" by Paul Orlando
    • "Innovate or Die!" by Dr. Jack V. Matson

  • Courses

    • "UX for Web Forms". Certificate ↗
    • "Sketching for UX Designers". Certificate ↗
    • "Heap Analytics Essentials"
    • "The Bubble Beginners Bootcamp". Certificate ↗
    • "Complete Bubble Developer Course: Build Apps Without Coding". Certificate ↗
    • "Learning Axure RP". Certificate ↗
    • "OutSystems Overview"
    • "Understanding Oracle APEX 5 Application Development" by Edward Sciore
    • "Beginning Oracle Application Express 5" by Doug Gault
    • "Expert Oracle Application Express" by John Scott

  • Articles I wrote

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